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We genuinely appreciate your interest in Lawton Public Schools. We seek to hire the very best applicants available to fulfill our mission of ensuring the HIGHEST QUALITY INSTRUCTION in order to create the MOST SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS. We believe that our people are the key to our district's success. 

ALL applicants must use the online application system.


The first time you sign in you must create a user account and profile:

Click the blue “Sign Up” link below the “Don’t have an Applicant Portal account”.  You will be prompted a series of questions to create a user account and an applicant profile.  You will use the user name and password you created the next time you sign in to the Applicant Portal.

To sign into the Applicant Portal:

Enter your user name and password and click the “Sign in” button below.  If you are not on the sign in page click the “Sign In” button on the right side of the screen from any page.  The sign in screen will then display.

There are four tabs at the top of the screen that will navigate you through the applicant portal:

HOME – Click this tab to go to the home page.  Click the >links below the tab to view the different pieces of information about the district.  The >documents link will display documents that may be downloaded if needed.

JOB SEARCH – Click this tab to view the jobs that are open.  Click on the job links below to browse for particular jobs by category or location.

MY SAVED JOBS – Click this tab to view any previously viewed jobs that were saved.  Those jobs will display below and allow you the option of clicking “Apply Now” on the right.

APPLICATION HISTORY – Click this tab to view all job applications submitted. The links to the jobs will display below.  You may edit or delete those jobs by clicking the appropriate buttons on the right.

MY RESUME – Click this tab to view your resume.  You may make changes by clicking the “Add New”, “Edit”, and “Delete” buttons.  The top of the screen will display links to your profile, references, and any documents you may want to upload.


To sign out click the “Sign Out” link on the right side of the screen.

Please check out our "About Us" link to read some very interesting information.

It is our policy to interview applicants only when there are specific vacancies. When vacancies occur, applications will be carefully screened, and based on the screening, a reasonable number of applicants will be selected for an interfiew. Please DO NOT contact principals, directors or other supervisors for interviews. Supervisors are not permitted to interview applicants before contacting the Human Resources office to assure that a proper application has been submitted.

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