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Welcome to the Lawton Public Schools!


If you stepped into a Lawton school in 1901, the year that the Lawton Public Schools opened its doors, you would have found a wood-frame building with four classrooms.  Each classroom would have contained such items as slate chalkboards, hickory sticks and McGuffy Readers.  In a turn-of-the-century school in pre-statehood Oklahoma, that was considered state of the art. Well over a century later, LPS still takes pride in being “state of the art” – but today’s teaching tools include computers, Smartboards, electronics and fiberoptic lines.  Backpacks filled with textbooks are being replaced by iPads and electronic notebooks.


Likewise, our student population has changed – growing from 939 students attending three small schools that first year, to nearly 15,000 students who attend 24 elementary and secondary schools, along with a pre-kindergarten program that involves two LPS sites and a number of private and military collaborative programs.  That first year, the entire school staff, including the superintendent, numbered 15.  Today, LPS is made up of more than 2,000 full and part-time certified and support staff dedicated to the district’s mission of producing career-bound citizens.


During its existence, LPS has educated more than a quarter-million of the community’s children.  It’s an accomplishment that we are very proud of, and one that grows each year.  Our classrooms have produced professors, scientists, political leaders, military officers, actors and professional athletes.  We can honestly say that our teachers have helped mold youngsters into people who have truly changed the world.


The Lawton Public Schools is one of the 10 largest public school districts in Oklahoma.  Because Lawton is home to Fort Sill, roughly 40 percent of our student body is military-connected – youngsters who are children of soldiers or of civilian employees who work at the base.  And, because of the mobility of the military, our student body is the most culturally diverse in Oklahoma – and maybe the nation.  LPS’ extraordinary ability to serve special needs students has earned Fort Sill a designation as a “compassionate assignment destination” for families with challenged students.


The administrators, staff and teachers of the Lawton Public Schools are guided by four distinct principals:

  • The mission of preparing career-bound citizens;
  • Professional ideals that are shared by the people of Lawton;
  • A desire to communicate and collaborate effectively, and to be transparent in all its dealings with the community; and
  • Promotion of healthy and fit lifestyles that benefit its students.


We invite you to be a part of one of the top school districts in Oklahoma.  We have produced more National Merit Scholars in the past decade than any other non-metropolitan school district in Oklahoma.  Our student participation in STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is one of the best in the country, earning one of our high schools a national honor and helping Lawton achieve designation as “Oklahoma’s STEM City.”  Our athletic programs have won state championships in a variety of sports, and our extracurricular music and theatrical programs are second to none.


We are truly the “Best in the Southwest.”



Facts about Lawton …



Nestled at the foot of the Wichita Mountains, Lawton is centrally located in the heart of Southwest Oklahoma.  It lies directly adjacent to Fort Sill. The military post was established in 1869 for stationing cavalry troops during the Indian Wars, and predates the settling of Lawton by more than three decades.  Today, Fort Sill is home to one of the military’s top artillery training schools.


According to the 2010 census, the population of Lawton-Fort Sill is 96,867, making it one of Oklahoma’s largest cities.  The average household size is 2.48 persons, 64.5 percent of which are families.  20.5 percent of Lawton's population aged 18 and older are civilian veterans of the military.


In 2012, the cost of living in Lawton was 97.3 percent of the national average, with housing costs at only 89.4 percent of the national average.  The median household income is $41,783. 


The average high temperature in July is 95 degrees, the average low temperature in January is 26 degrees.  The area receives an average of 28 inches of rain and two inches of snowfall each year.


Lawton’s top employers are Fort Sill, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, the Lawton Public Schools, Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Serco Inc., Raytheon, Silver-Line Plastics Corporation, Northrop Grumman, Cameron University, Southwestern Medical Center and Bar-S Foods.

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